Serving America's elite Defense, Intelligence, and Security communities
Hardware & Service Solutions for Mission Critical Operations

Sierra Peaks has distinguished itself for over 70 years as a leader in design, engineering, development, manufacture and testing of unique electro-mechanical systems for various branches of the US Government, Military, Law Enforcement and Commercial sectors, including aerospace, automation and biometrics.

We are suppliers of robust, innovative and value-added hardware & service solutions for mission-critical support within America's elite Defense, Intelligence and Security communities.

Engineering, Development, Manufacture & Testing

We design and build verifying and validating state of the art biometrics collection and comparison tools that enable our protectors to identify and stop those who intend to do us harm.
We develop diverse, versatile tools to design, build, test, and validate products delivered to our nation's defenders and to exclusive private enterprises whose products make our nation great.
If you have a vision to improve our quality of life or save the lives of the sons and daughters protecting our liberty, our talented and creative staff of scientists, engineers, and craftspeople will expertly work with you to bring your idea to fruition.