Our belief is that if we treat one another like patrons we will promote a healthy and thriving business. Respecting all relationships, inside & outside of business, is very important to us.
We feel that our customers as well as our employees, receive a valuable return on their investment and dedication to Sierra Peaks.


We consider our customers, suppliers, service providers, and other businesses as partners. All projects have numerous stakeholders and participants, and we recognize that by making sure everyone is on the same team, working towards the same goal: mission critical solutions, when the customer needs them.


We have a responsibility to our customers to do our work to the best of our ability. We have a responsibility to our employees to fairly compensate them for their excellent work. We have a responsibility to the community to contribute to economic growth, workforce development, and diversity. Meeting those responsibilities is a top priority.


Business depends on opportunity. We work collaboratively with our customers, partners, and others to seek out opportunity, fulfill mission goals, and provide the excellent service for which our company is well-known.


None of the above happens without creating an environment of fun. Our company embodies this through regular social and community activities. We encourage our customers and other partners to participate, and the result is more dynamic work and creativity.


The work we do supports important projects for the government and private sector, and failure is not an option. When we commit to a project, it gets done. When we tell a customer something, we mean it. It’s the only way we know how to do business.


We believe in the reliability, truth, ability and strength of others. We have a great deal of confidence in our employees and are assured of their good decision making. A mutual trust between leaders, staff, workers and customers makes interactions with Sierra Peaks a cut above average.

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