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Sierra Peaks has distinguished itself for over 70 years as a leader in design, engineering, development, manufacture and testing of unique electro-mechanical systems for various branches of the US Government, Military, Law Enforcement and Commercial sectors, including aerospace, automation and biometrics.   Veteran-owned and headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the company employs a variety of professionals including engineers, technicians, craftsmen, and artisans with comprehensive expertise in numerous specialized fields. The company prides itself on being agile, creative, and current with emerging technologies in integrations, micro & miniature body-worn devices, textiles & soft goods, audio & video, and biometrics. 

In 2006, Sierra Peaks opened a satellite office in Fairfax, VA to better serve its US Government customers.  With the acquisition of Tibbetts Industries, Camden Maine, in early 2014, the company adds another 70 years of experience and deep competency in system integration, acoustics, miniature manufacturing of specialty microphones and speakers.  This will position Sierra Peaks for additional growth well into the future.


  • 2014: Sierra Peaks purchases Tibbetts Industries, adding miniaturization capabilities
  • 2011: Seirra Peaks Corporation expands machining capabilities with purchase of Automation Concepts, Inc.
  • 2006: Sierra Peaks opens office in Fairfax, Virginia to better serve its Washington DC customers
  • 2003: Global Coils SAGL, a joint venture between Tibbetts Industries and R. Audemars SA is announced
  • 2000: SPC is purchased by John Rockwell and becomes Sierra Peaks Corporation
  • 1991: Mechanical division of GTC is purchased and becomes Special Projects Corporations (SPC)
  • 1974: Chemical and mechanical division of MRL moves to Albuquerque, is purchased and becomes General Technology Corporation
  • 1960: Universal Match Corp. employees purchase controlling interest in Missouri Research Labs
  • 1950s: Tibbetts Industries becomes a leading “Crystals Lab” and producer of Hearing Aid Transducers World Wide
  • 1945: Dr. Raymond Tibbetts founds Tibbetts Industries, Inc in Camden, Maine

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