Security Products

Sierra Peaks offers audio components, assemblies and complete field kits to support technical surveillance by law enforcement. Certain products are sold only to recognized local, state, national and international law enforcement agencies. To protect the safety of these customers only limited product information is available online. To make a purchase or request additional information, please contact us and provide requested credentials for verification.


Audio Surveillance Kits

Tibbetts offers a variety of audio surveillance kits that feature Tibbetts’ high quality microphones. Kits include microphones, pre-amplifiers, power supplies, and recording devices to meet most covert needs.

Cabled Microphones

Increase RF protection and eliminate soldering! Tibbetts’ miniature microphones are available pre-cabled with additional circuitry to eliminate RF interference. In addition to a variety of stock configurations, these products may be made to your custom specifications (microphone, cable type, cable length, and connectors).


Microphone Elements

For custom installations, Tibbetts’ miniature microphones – 151 (RF protected), 251 and 351 Series – may be purchased in small quantities (certain minimum orders apply). Contact us to request a quote.


Fixed and adjustable pre-amplifiers available. Standard pre-amplifier products are preconfigured to attach to microphones with MicroTech connectors. All pre-amplifier products may be customized to your exact specifications.

Charger Board 01a-640

Power Supplies

AC and DC power supplies available to power your custom installation.