Tibbetts Microphones

Sierra Peaks is the only remaining American manufacturer of sub-miniature microphones.  Our units are the industry leader in size and fidelity; you simply can’t find a smaller, more sensitive microphone that is made in America.  Unlike mass producers of inexpensive foreign microphones, we work directly with our customers and partners to custom build microphones to meet the most exacting specifications, in production runs from the hundreds to the tens of thousands.  These devices are commonly used singly or in pairs in hearing devices, communications headsets and audio monitoring applications.

Below you’ll find our standard microphone offerings.  If you’re looking for something a little different or unique, let us know.  We will craft build a unique device to meet your specifications.

151 Series


An extremely small package size combined with high sensitivity makes the 151 Series highly versatile for even the most demanding CIC applications.

  • Miniature size – 0.10″ (2.54mm) diameter
  • EMI protection – reduces electromagetic interference
  • Extremely low noise – patented JFET amplifier provides lowest microphone inherent noise specification in the industry
  • Low current drain – circuit design maximizes battery life
  • Optional pre-soldered leads available

153-01 Directional Mic


This directional microphone, built on the 151 Series platform, has a cardioid polar pattern that captures incident sound while attenuating competing sounds coming from off-axis sources. The size and configuration of this unit makes it ideal for many professional audio and array applications.

  • Cardioid directional pickup pattern
  • Based on Sierra Peaks Tibbetts’ durable cylindrical design
  • Sub-miniature size
  • Low inherent noise
  • Internal EMI protection
  • Configured with wires for a variety of applications

251 Series


This miniature cylindrical microphone offers excellent performance with a variety of response curve options.

  • Resistance to mechanical shock, severe temperatures, and humidity
  • Low current drain to maximize battery life
  • Consistent, repeatable frequency response
  • Excellent for ITC and CIC applications

351 series


With the highest sensitivity of Tibbetts’ microphones, the 351 Series is a high performance microphone suitable for a variety of applications. Its rectangular package allows for use in many standard hearing instrument faceplates.
Please Note: 351 Series was formerly known as the 1049 Series.


Technical Application Notes