Positions in Rockland, ME

There are currently no open positions at our Rockland, ME location.

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About Rockland, ME

Rockland_Town_SealRockland Maine is a vibrant City located in the heart of Midcoast Maine, on the Penobscot Bay, and is the year round home to 7,219 residents.  Rockland is renowned for its importance to Maine’s lobster fishing industry and its working waterfront both of which are supported by an expansive and picturesque multi-use harbor.  The prominence of visual arts based businesses, institutions (such as the Farnsworth Art Museum and Center for Maine Contemporary Art) and practitioners has contributed to Rockland’s reputation as a unique, creative community and the premier destination for experiencing visual arts in Maine.

The City of Rockland has always benefited from a unique combination of geography and economics that has made it one of the most beautiful and practical destinations on the coast of Maine. Its nearly 8,000 residents live at the heart of Midcoast Maine, an area world famous for its mountainous and rocky shore with hundreds of harbors and inlets, and for some of the best cruising waters anywhere for sailing and boating for pleasure or sport. A nearly mile-long granite breakwater protects Rockland Harbor and lighthouse making it one of the finest shipping and recreational boating harbors on the East Coast of the United States..

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